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TEMPUR - Multi Pillow

This cushion is designed to provide support and relief for areas of the body suffering discomfort or pain.
Ideal for pregnant women...
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Sizes Available

TEMPUR Multi Pillow ::
30 x 68 x 8/1 cms

TEMPUR - Original Neck Pillow

Recommended by back specialists all over the world Over 30,000 medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths world-wide recommend the TEMPUR Neck Pillow.
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Sizes Available

TEMPUR Original Neck Pillow ::
50x31x8/5 cm (Small)
61x 31x13/10 cm (XL Queen)
61x 31x11.5/8.5 cm (L Queen)

TEMPUR - Transit Pillow

Supports your head and neck when travelling or whenever you want to rest in a sitting position. The shape cradles the neck and holds the pillow in place
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Sizes Available

TEMPUR Transit Pillow ::
30 x 28 x 11cm

TEMPUR - Travel Neck Pillow

Take your favourite pillow with you when you go away - it is the same shape as the TEMPUR Original Neck Pillow Medium and works in the same way, but is only half the width. A practical bag .....
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Sizes Available

TEMPUR Travel Neck Pillow ::
31 x 25 x 10/7 cms

TEMPUR - Universal Pillow

A semicircular pillow for use wherever the body needs pressure relief and support. Ideal for use under the heels, legs, lower back, arms or neck..
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Sizes Available

TEMPUR Universal Pillow ::
50 x 20 x 10 cms
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Currently displaying 11 to 15 of 15 matches
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