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Shopping Guide
  1. Choose the product you wish to buy.

  2. Choose the product size from the "Select Size" section

  3. Click the "Add to Cart" button

  4. At "Checkout" page, fill in your particulars and Click "Submit Order" to proceed.

  5. If you had choosen "Credit Card" as payment type, you need to fill in your credit card.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Free delivery (in Singapore). Free disposal of old mattress.

  2. Pricing at is in SGD.

  3. For Cash and Cheque payment, you only need to pay upon our delivery.

  4. Our Customer Service Officer will soon contact you regarding your purchase to verify your order and help you select your delivery date.

  5. For more information or immediate service, please Call or SMS Mike Tan at 97645063.
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